A Busy Season

It has been a welcomed and treasure busy season. ALL THE BABIES! I am so excited and truly honored to be a part of so many births. I truly cherish what I do. Here’s what I’ve been up to the last several months. I’ll catch up with allllll the babies and sweet mamas I’ve been serving.

I’ve known Alli for a good long while. She has always been so dear and kind and eager to help. She was a Labor & Delivery nurse for some time, so this was a really fun and full-of-energy birth. She contacted me after for her 3rd little one. This baby’s sex was a surprise, and quite honestly watching people find out if they have little miss or sir is just so special.

I have a good bit of nurse clients for some reason. They are always SO fun. At one point, her birth space felt like a party! There was laughter and visitors and kind words floating all around her room at Woman’s Hospital (Baton Rouge, LA).

Alli labored beautifully. It seemed that even tho she was progressing nicely, things were manageable. Then, WHAM… like it usually happens, it got real very quickly. Her husband was such perfect constant support. Her nurse/friend was so attentive. She powered through with the amazing support.

It seemed like out of nowhere it was time to meet this little miracle.

EVERYONE WAS SO EXCITED! Alli and her husband were truly overjoyed with the thought of either a boy or girl. They truly were so happy to simply have the missing piece of their puzzle with them.


The doctor cheered! The room full of nurses, techs and other hospital workers that just wanted to be in on the fun all screamed! It was precious!

Alli did so well. Her brothers love her so much. The entire family was overjoyed.

Kathryn Cecilia is here and is just so well loved!

Birth SessionErika Pearce