Ginnylyn's Birth Session

Any time I meet with a Birth client, I usually mention in passing that I “feel” my birth clients. It sounds like crazy hippy voodoo, but it’s so true. I do. I knew when I was going to hightail it to the hospital the second i got a call from Jude and Ginnylyn. Ginny’s first baby came super fast, and with the circumstances, I was going to fly to get there.

It was a few days after Christmas. It was WET and so cold. I felt they were going to call. I was right. I was already dressed and ready when they called. I flew to the hospital. I actually beat them there!

I’ve never been so glad I did that. The doctor didn’t make it. The doula didn’t make it. From the second I walked into the room, this baby was born in about 15 minutes. It was such a special and memorable birth for me. Such a special family.