Kristen's Birth Session

Welcome, Baby Finley!

I've known Kristen for basically my entire life.  We grew up in the same Southern Louisiana town outside of Baton Rouge.  We went to the same church... the same schools even.  Her mother taught me in first grade.   I taught her sisters in Sunday School.  Our stories have intertwined many times.  

When she asked me to photograph her birth I was completely honored.  In some ways, it's such a surprise and shocker to be asked to photograph someone you know in their birth journey.  It seems much more intimate with seeing them hurt and work and birth their child into the world.  The wonder and honor is the same for each client, but having a relationship with someone that hires me is always such a surprise in the best way.  Kristen was no different.  

Her whole family was present throughout the entire labor and birthing process.  They waited in the waiting room of Woman's Hospital without skipping a beat.  Her sisters and parents, her in-laws, her cousins, nephew, grandparent, aunts...  the list goes on and on and it was GLORIOUS!  Seeing so many people there to celebrate this little life coming into the world was truly magnificent.  

Her husband, Chris, has one of the sweetest reactions I've ever seen.  So utterly overjoyed with his baby girl being in their midst.  No, he wasn't jumping or hollering in excitement, but silent tears and giant smiles in awe of his little Finely.  It was precious. 

Her family and friends being there truly was the icing on the cake.  It was a gorgeous birth journey full of JOY and LOVE and FAMILY.  This is why I do what I do.  I love it all so much. 

Congratulations, Kristen and Chris!  Finley is GORGEOUS!  Such a special little lovey. 

Be sure to watch their birth video below.  Be prepared to grab a tissue.