Lifestyle Newborn | Little Jolie

I'm asked about how "late" is too late for a Lifestyle Newborn session?  I don't think there is really a time to not have a lifestyle session in your home.  Ideally, a baby between 5-14 days old is probably the best time.  They will be squishy and cuddly and sleepy.   When you get a little older, tummy troubles creep in and they might not sleep as well, BUT it is still a perfect time.  They only stay tiny once.  Don't blink, or it will be gone.  So sad, but so true.   

Little Jolie Marie's parents scheduled their Lifestyle Newborn session right at her 1 month birthday!  She is so GORGEOUS!  The whole family is beautiful.  Jolie was wide eyed and discovering so much around her.  It was just precious.  Her parents just ADORE her.  It's one of the sweetest things I've ever seen.  

Welcome, Jolie!  You are such a joy and treasure!   And your pup, Mr. Bingles, loves you so much!