Samantha's Home Birth Session

This birth is so special to me.  Not only did Samantha fiercely bring her new little girl into this world, but it was my first home birth.  Home birth is not a common practice on the Northshore of South Louisiana.  In fact, our region of Louisiana has the highest cesarean rate in the state!  Wowsza!  So when Samantha hired me, I jumped at the chance.  

Early on a Tuesday morning in Mandeville, LA, I got the call.  Samantha called me HERSELF and talked through her contraction.  I had an amazing young lady shadowing me for this birth.  We met and traveled together.  We got there just as Sam's water broke.  Within 30 minutes, sweet Hazel Grace was born.  It was beyond amazing.  My heart swells just thinking of it.  

This birth will forever hold a place in my heart.  I think the world of Sam and her husband Bryant.  I did before this magnificent birth and even more so after.  The midwife, Sally Acosta, and her two apprentices (shout out to Ashley and Grace!) were so kind and never doubted this mom's ability to birth AND to follow her wishes.  Her doula, Kayla Judy, is truly a joy to work with.  I always marvel at a birth with Kayla.  She knows what the mom needs and when she needs it.  She works in and out of the ebbs and flows of birth seamlessly.  Well done, birth team!  

And Sam, you are amazing.  You listened to your body.  You bravely surrendered to the pains.  You used them to bring your baby into the world.  Not only did you do all of that, but you are helping pave the way for other mothers in the Covington/Mandeville/Northshore Louisiana area.  Because you chose alternative to mainstream care, it brings us closer to helping unnecessary medical intervention and surgeries go to a place where they deserve to be... far away from our sweet mamas that birth here.  It helps them know they don't have to travel over an hour to have someone listen to their wishes.  There IS a place where medicine and having a voice can live harmoniously.  You're proof of that.  Midwifery care is gloriously beautiful.  I'm so glad you had the care you wanted and needed.  You are outstanding.  

Erika Pearce