Savannah's Birth Session

Savannah knew she was having a cesarean. This was her fourth baby. The other babies had been cesareans, but knowing this was her last little love to bring into the world, she wanted to document it. Being a photographer herself, I was even more grateful she chose me to be along for the journey.

She chose to birth at Lakeview Regional Medical Center (Mandeville) because they allow birth photographers into the operating room. She showed up early and let me know the schedule 4 weeks before her due date. Little Avery had other plans. Savannah starting having preterm labor issues so her came a little earlier than planned.

Savannah let me know so I showed up ready to roll. Her whole family was there. Her pastor even came and prayed for the entire family. Before the procedure, it really was a room full of prayer, joy, and laughter.

The surgery went so well. Baby Avery came out screaming with his mighty little lungs. Big sisters were allowed into recovery and learned… HE WAS A BOY! I was able to follow them to the rest of their family so they could announce and yell, “IT’S A BOY”! It was greeted with cheers and tears. So special. I always especially love capturing those moments.

This family was something special. It was such a sweet time. I genuinely believe I have one of the best jobs around. I meet strangers but then they become like family.

Birth SessionErika Pearce