Worthy Women | Session III | Meradith

This will be my ongoing work to honor and lift up other women.  All Women. Our bodies are amazing.  They can grow and birth children.  They can bear the weight of pain beyond measure.  They can kiss booboos and light up a room for their little ones with only a smile.  They can be up all night caring for another and rush out the door for work the next day.  They can put their dreams on the back burner to help others thrive. 

Women are are worthy.  They are worthy of love.  They are worthy of joy.  They are worthy to have a voice.

Meradith is like no one I've ever met.  I truly mean that.  She is a mother.  She is a strong mother at that.  She has birthed four beautiful souls into this world.  I know she counts each one of those loves as a true gift from God.  Her youngest child, Andrew, was a truly precious soul.  He was brought into this world beautifully.  He was loved and cared for by his mother, father and siblings with such joy and love.  However, Andrew was quite ill.  No one knew, but he was.  You might have seen some about Meradith and her family on my blog from a good while ago (you can find that here).

I won't go into much detail but do please read the blog to see more of one the most sacred moments I've ever witnessed in my life.  Though sweet Andrew in now fully healed in Heaven, his mother is still here on earth raising three children and loving her husband.  Her family is apart for now, but the journey continues. 

And the JOURNEY is amazing...

This journey is full of tears, triumph, glory and tremendous growth.  No one likes to talk about what happens after your heart is broken and about the piece that is no longer here at your side.  No one wants to mention the loss.  I completely understand wanting to keep painful thoughts at arms length, but there is so much JOY in celebrating the victory of a life that is now healed in the presence of God.  There is much rejoicing in growing your heart to help others and reach those in need.  There is much solace in the God of peace.  There is still so much left to do here on this earth in the journey after loss. 

Meradith knows all of this.  She speaks it, and she also LIVES it.  She prays for those who hurt.  She encourages those in hopelessness.  She speaks life into those who might not be able to utter a word for themselves.  Meradith has chosen to live life honoring the One who gave her Andrew and spreading His love to the broken hearted.  


You are thoughtful and giving.  You invest in the lives of so many only wanting to bring joy and peace and love.  You are humble.  You are joyful.  You are God fearing.  You point those around you to the One who saves.  You are precious.  

Your love for people flows so freely.  You surround yourself with truth and guard your heart in care, but also readily give of yourself in such a glorious way to reach people's hearts.  It's such a beautiful dance of ministering and self-grace giving that I don't know that I've seen before.  

We are all so hard on ourselves.  We so easily see the weaknesses in ourselves and others.  But you, sweet lady, see what can and will be and speak that truth to everyone you meet.  I've not seen anyone so beautifully extend mercy and grace to others BUT ALSO to themselves the way you do.  I admire that more than words, and it actually brings me to tears to type while I think of you.  

I want you to know you are loved.  You are loved more than you'll ever know.  Your husband, children, church, friends, and community adore you.  Any time your name is spoken it is filled with smiles and anointing.

I've never met anyone like you, Meradith.  I pray for your heart to forever be healing until the moment it is in complete in Christ.  He has begun a good work in you.  He will complete it.  

And the journey... well, it's amazing to witness with you, friend.  Your journey is incredible and full of much love.  

With deepest love,


Worthy WomenErika Pearce