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A lot of people will ask me what "lifestyle photography" is.  This is really good example.  It isn't an ideal example because as someone that loves to capture spontaneous expressions, this is not inerrently spontaneous.  Since we all were very young, we're "trained" to look at the camera. When children enter elementary school, it is engrained for them to look and smile at the camera.  So, with that being said, this isn't completely spontaneous because I believe we naturally smile straight at the camera as part of a learned trained behavior.  Still, this is a super natural moment.  Mom and dad were just positioned in frame of my camera.  Then, they looked at me and smiled.  Big brother had just kissed his freshly born sister and drifted his gaze out the window.  Baby sister is loosely wrapped in a swaddling blanket sleeping those foggy newborn moments away.  And there it is.... a true lifestyle moment.  This captures so much of what those newborn days hold.  Mom and dad are so proud and falling more and more deeply in love with their children.  They might be tired and sore and hungry, but at the root of the moment, it's pride and gratitude.  Big brother is comfortable and feels safe.  He knows he can let his thoughts wander into la-la-land.  He has no fear of being reprimanded or asked to look at the camera and smile.  Baby sister is content and warm.  *sigh*  This photo radiates comfort and warmth.  This is such a sweet reminder of why I do what I do. I truly love it so much.  So while this isn't a moment where someone just made a funny noise and laughing or a fragment of time when a tender hug is given out of the blue, this is most definitely a "lifestyle" moment to remember. 

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