Lifestyle Newborn Photography| Covington Mandeville Louisiana

There are so many things that are wonderful about being a photographer.  My absolute favorites are the tiny bits of time that I can capture.  Sure, I direct people how to be positioned in the light. Sure, I give them a tip to help them enhance their features, BUT the natural moments that I manage to sneak in are so sweet.  I tend to love the portraits of a genuine laugh or the side glance the best.  The natural facial features of a client simply looking in the distance or holding a fresh little baby 5 days old are so special.  Meet this beautiful family's newest addition.  She is such a snuggle-muffin!  I was not only overjoyed to snap these sweet moments, but I was honored to snuggle and hold her.  What a doll baby!  Special thanks and awe to this mom.  She not only survived MIDDAY in Louisiana heat, but did so looking rested and flawlessly beautiful. Congratulations to the family of on the arrival of baby Lena! Special thanks to Maison Lafitte in Mandeville for being such a gracious host.