Lifestyle Photosession|Children Photographer- Mandeville Louisiana

People ask me what I mean by "lifestyle" photography.  Lifestyle photography is capturing candid moments in a photojournalistic way.  That means exactly as it sounds.  I follow people around and take their photos.  Sure, I might direct them to look a certain direction.  Children especially can look all over the place at the same moment while making 20 different expressions.  To help with that, I make silly noises that grabs the attentions of those little ones.  They don't even have to smile, I just like to see their faces facing the camera.  Those are the moments that mothers and fathers remember.  They remember their children playing and laughing or daydreaming.  A beautiful photograph doesn't have to be limited to everyone staring at my lens and smiling.  It can be a husband and wife smiling at each other while their children read a book.  That moment is beautiful and priceless.  So here is to more lifestyle photography!  Special thanks to my little friends Peyton and Paxton.  They are so incredibly kind and full of life.  I enjoyed them so much today!