Lifestyle Newborn Session|Covington Mandeville Louisiana Photographer-Emma's Newborn Session

I honestly have the best clients ever.  They are so kind and caring.  They are genuine and sweet.  I'm not sure how the Lord brings such wonderful people in my path, but they will never know how grateful I am for my clients.  One of my biggest pleasures is to build a relationship with my clients to the point that they contact me much like a old friend would.  I was called to go visit sweet baby Emma.  She has reached the sweet age of 7 days.  It was such a special time.  Every time I enter into a session, my focus is something along the lines of, "how can I capture the feeling of this day into these photographs".  Every decoration, smell, texture, etc that I see, I absorb and try to find a way to communicate that into my photography.  Lifestyle Newborn sessions are one of my most favorite things!  Emma was just as charming today as she was last week when she made her grand debut.  Thank you, Nick & Kristen.  I was honored to be in your home today.  You two are amazing parents.  Emma is a dream, and she is a blessed little girl to have you parent her.