Commercial Photography| French Quarter, New Orleans- Robyn&Wren

Ever have one of "those days" that are so tough that you are determined to push through at all costs?  That is what this day was for all of us.  NOLA is so big and bustling and always moving.  I love session in New Orleans.  This day was HOT!  As soon as I found parking, a torrential downpour started while my little models arrived.  After a good 30 min, the rain turned the French Quarter into a proper sauna.  Phew.  These little models were outstanding.  Modeling Autumn clothes in this heat was no small task!  At times, head to toe was covered with layers.  They were real pros!  The beautiful clothes from Robyn & Wren were easy to shoot.  The models were sticky, but easy to shoot nonetheless!  It made for a challenge, but a great memory.  Thanks to the models that worked so beautifully.  Thanks for their little siblings that came along for the ride.  Thank you to the mothers that never once complained about how drenched with sweat they were.  We did it!  We survived a sauna-like photoshoot in New Orleans!