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Occasionally, to my delight, I get an inquiry from someone new that wants to know EVERYTHING.  I always get a bit eager and enthusiastic when I can tell the conversation is headed for a string of questions about how my process works and why my pricing is so different from almost everyone. You know why I love these questions?  There are a few reasons.  

One reason is that it means that they genuinely care about the experience that they are looking for.  There are some people that want something laid back and easy. There are some people that want things perfectly executed and spotless.  There are some people that want this to be as quick of a process as possible.  You know what?  All of those people and everyone in between are perfectly and wonderfully OKAY with wanting what they want.  Everyone wants something different.  That is 100% great.  How boring... especially for artists... if we were all the same and all of our clients only wanted the same thing.  So to the client that asks me the ins and outs of why I do what I do?  I really admire your care about the service you will receive with me.  I don't get asked questions by every client that I come into contact with.  I'm equally as admiring of them because they trust my work that speaks for itself.

Secondly, I'm asked why my process is so different with an ordering session as opposed to digital downloads.  I really do understand being asked this.   When I was a little girl, I loved walking up and down my grandmother's hallway and looking at photographs.  I would study the images of my mother and her siblings as young children and teenagers.  I would look at happy photographs of my grandmother with my grandfather wearing their perfectly vintage clothing and smiling at each other.  I LOVED THIS.  I can still remember where those images hung on her walls.  I can remember the same in my grandpa's house.  Those memories are priceless.  You know what?  My parents now possess many of those photographs that have passed down to them since my grandparents' passings.  One day, they will be in my hands.  Digital images don't pass down that way.  Computers crash.  USB drives get lost.  Memory cards break.  Beautiful, preserved wall portraits can be passed down for generations.  It is so very important to me that my clients have a printed heirloom in their hands when their experience with me is finished.  That is my biggest desire for every client that I meet. 

So yes, I do offer things a little differently in the consultation phase with custom styling your session and making things as stress free for you as possible.  However, the real joy in it for me, is seeing you end your time with me with a stunning wall portrait that fits perfectly in your home.  I love styling for my clients.  I love getting to know you.  I love forming bonds.  I love when I'm fortunate enough to have a maternity session that hires me to photograph her birth that then turns into a newborn session and a one year!  I love learning more about my clients.  I love helping you shop and find clothing and accessories to make your day easier.  I love showing up to your home with a reveal of your photographs.  I love all of it.  

Serving you is a joy!  Being able to make it all tailored for you is something that l treasure.  Please contact me so we can capture your moments that will pass down for generations to come. 


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