Why Do I Do What I Do?

I hear this a lot...  

"You do what?!" 

And yes,  I do. 


...  And here is why...

So this is me.   Yeah, right up there.   I had updated head shots recently while visiting my dear friend in Austin.  I decided to take advantage of this gorgeous green house with some updated images. 

Now, on to the good stuff.  

How on earth did I start photographing births?  Why do I do this?  Do I really photograph everything?  Even the... "private places"?   

To answer briefly, YES, but it is so much more than private places and intimate moments.  

Let me start from the beginning.  

Before I ever picked up a camera, I was a birth advocate.  I worked constantly with a local nonprofit to expand birth options in my area, the Northshore (i.e. all of St. Tammany parish in south east Louisiana).   I had 4 cesareans myself.  Sparing you from much detail, just know that of the four, only one had a true emergent reason to warrant a cesarean.  I have never been against the amazingness that is science and modern medicine, but if a woman does not need intense medical intervention, I do not believe she should have it.  

While working for this amazing local group (you can find their website HERE), my heart for women in childbirth grew tremendously.  Having their stories preserved became incredibly important to me.  Having their voices heard whether they choose natural birth or an epidural or a cesarean became pivotal in my journey.  

And then came the photography...

Photography pretty much blindsided me out of nowhere.  My daughter was modeling for a designer.  She was about 5-6 months into modeling when the photographer dropped out.  I sheepishly asked the designer if I could try my hand at it because I would be able to keep trading photos for clothing at the time.  She agreed, and GOODNESS.  I have no idea why.  My first images were terrible.  They truly were awful.  BUT the Lord is good.  I slaved away making sure a piece of machinery would not win over me.  I was determined to master it, though had no intentions of going into photography professionally.  However, about two months into working with a camera, I shockingly fell in love with it.  I truly did.  It came out of nowhere.  

My first session compared to me at 18 months worth of experience and hard work. My current portfolio is in my galleries on this site.

It was a natural progression to flow in Birth Photography once I knew I wanted to dive head first into this art.  It was really a no-brainer.  Helping women capture the empowering work of bringing their child into the world matched with lifting them up to see the strength of their bodies the way God designed them was truly where my heart was led.  So yes, I photograph private places and intimate moments.  

...  But it isn't always photos of crowning and graphic images.  It's how you want your journey captured.  I can keep things as raw or modest and intimate as you'd like it.  I am there to serve you how you need it and to capture the journey privately or openly as you'd like.  And no, I never share images that have mother's ask me not to.  It is your story and yours to share how you like.   

F U N   F A C T S :

•  My kiddos are one of my FAVORITE things about this planet.  They shine brighter and brighter with their sweet hearts every day.  Super duper cheesy,  but oh-so-true! 
•  I love hot tea.  I have a cuppa every morning.  Strawberry Shortcake is my favorite.  
•  I legitimately thought I was a "dog person" until about a year ago.  Nope.  I'm totally a cat lady.  
•  Birth Photography falls in line with maternity and newborn photography to me.  I love sharing with mamas how their heart can grow in a moment.  It grows perfectly in all three of those realms... growing a baby, birthing a baby, and falling in love with a baby.  
•  My husband is legitimately my favorite person.  
•  Halloween is my favorite holiday!  
•  The older I get, the more and more I value sweet friendships.  Those relationships develop my character and help me grow in invaluable ways.  
•  Seriously, I crack jokes all the time.  It's kind of how I cope with social anxiety too.   If you see me in a social setting, no doubt I am running my mouth...  making a fool of myself.   
•  I love adventure and being outside.  I love climbing, lifting weights, hiking, strolling through creeks, etc.  
•  I'm a big science fiction/fantasy nerd.  I love reading books and watching films where the impossible is possible and magic exists.  
•  Yes, I'm a Christian.  Absolutely.  God has delivered me from so much and is better than all the things.

My HeartErika Pearce