Sarah's Birth Session

Sarah is so special.  She is strong and confident and empowered.  She has become a friend to me through knowing her birth journey.  I've photographed her pregnant.  I've photographed her birth.   I've photographed those hazy newborn days.  I've photographed her little River at 4 months.  She's made a special mark on my heart.  Love her and her family to pieces.   

I don't know why I've waited to share her story here.  It's been a long while since her River was born.  I guess it's because it almost feels sacred to me.  It was a long birth, and seeing a friend in such a raw place for hours affected me.   Don't get me wrong.  This is NOT about me.  This is not about my heart.  I am no stranger to witnessing a miracle.  For some reason, though, Sarah's birth hit a tender spot in me.  For that reason, it has been held close.  

But it is time that her story be shared.   It really is so triumphant and beautiful.   

Sarah and her husband Elijah are such a great team.  They parent their daughter Luna with such ease.  They are in synch and it shows phenomenally in Sarah's birth journey.  

From the start Sarah knew she wanted a water birth if possible.  Her first birth went quickly.  She didn't have a chance to use the tub at Touro with the birth of her daugher, if memory serves.  This time, she knew she wanted to utilize the birthing tub.  Unfortunately, as the day progressed, her back labor became so aggressive nothing helped much.  Water, counter pressure, hands and knees, hip squeezes... none of them helped the back labor.  

You can see her birth journey at the bottom of this page.  Sarah is truly like none other.  Little River is PRECIOUS and such a joy just like Luna.  The love that Elijah and Sarah share is powerful and bold.  

I'm not sure that my words are doing justice to this story.  I hope the photos captured and the video shared express my heart.  Seeing someone give in to something as intense as back labor is truly amazing.