Happy Halloween | Labyrinth

"You Remind me of the babe..." 

"What babe?"

"The babe with the power."

"What power?"

"The power if Voodoo."

"Who do?"

"You do,"

"Do what?"

"Remind me of the babe!"


We have had SO MUCH FUN this year!  Halloween is my FAVORITE!   Believe it or not, the kids chose our costumes this year after I showed them one of my FAVORITES, "Labyrinth".  And can we just take a moment to raise some jazz fingers that I could be Jareth, The Goblin King himself, David Bowie?!  Woohoo!  

I randomly had a good portion of what I needed.  And yes, I could not find a costume nor did I feel confident enough in my sewing ability to tackle a Ludo costume for my husband.  Therefore, he is not in in.  It is a statue.  Sad day.  BUT I'm so happy with how it turned out.  Here is the full collection:

I especially love our Sir Didymus!  lol That belly button was not intentional, but super charming.   And our baby Toby?  Phew.  My baby buddy was not having it at all!  So cranky!  


Special thanks to the amazing Bailey & Ava for our gorgeous Sarah gown.  It was AMAZING!  Trying to design and create the headpiece and necklace to do the gown justice was overwhelming at times.  I think our efforts definitely paid off.

Also, a special thanks to team member Holli Howard for photographing us when I couldn't... I tried, but couldn't be in two places at once.  And to my husband for catching blown away hats and flying props, you were the best! 

Also, side note:  That dress is my DREAM dress.  I used to have dreams of me wearing it as a child.  So happy my baby girl could wear it.  


Please share you costumes with me!  This is my favorite holiday!  I'd love to see all the festivities and costumes!  You can find me on Facebook HERE and on Instagram HERE!  

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