The Kids in Color

This was a very special and personal project for me. I had wanted to update some things on my site and dreamed this little dream up a long while back. I knew it would take a lot to execute it so I kept holding off, but I knew now was the time.

So we have always color coded our children’s cups, placemats, plates, towels, bean bags, chairs, etc. We did this for two reasons: 1. We wanted to keep germs spreading to a minimum. I mean, if one gets strep throat, I really wanted to give the others the best shot possible to not get it. and 2. I wanted them to feel like they owned something that was completely theirs. I wanted them to be confident that in a family of 6 people, they would have their bean bag and it belonged to them only. I know the latter might seem silly, but it was never forced. They have never fought over objects that are “theirs”. Everyone has been content and happy with their colors.

First was my daughter. When she was itty bitty and her baby brother (they are 18 months apart) started crawling and could pull up on things, he started stealing her sippy cups. Our response was we could give her a special color and him one and then they would know what belonged to each person. She picked her color, and naturally picked pink. If anyone knows Ella Joy, you’ll totally understand that choice.

The pink session was the most fun and off the cuff to plan. I happened to have everything in my closet already. I didn’t buy a single thing! The shoes, I had bought for my little yellow lovin’ boy, but them came in and were rose gold rather than yellow gold and it was perfect. Also, those puppies were only $10 on amazon prime! WOW!

I had remembered a pink house in NOLA when visiting City Park. I stopped and knocked on the door to see if they minded us shooting on the stoop/sidewalk. They were so kind!

Ella Joy and I also share a HUGE love for cats. I thought it was the perfect shoot to incorporate our cats. I added them in post processing for sentimental reasons. Ella Joy thought it was funny how the second image alluded to our cats running away, so I just kept it. LOL

Up next was my oldest son, Britt. He picked blue when he was teeny tiny and it just stuck. I had wanted a grafitti wall, but with my Birth Client Schedule, I thought it best to keep it simple. We started in front of a random blue building. The treat was supposed to be a snowball afterwards. When we pulled up to our favorite local snowball stand (Cold Rush Snowballs), IT WAS BLUE! It just clicked. That’s one thing I’ve learned so much from birth photography, you can’t force anything. You have to just let it flow.

This just “clicked” . This is very much my fun-loving buddy.

The outfits were pretty easy. The dress was $10 on amazon. My jacket and shoes were more than I had wanted to spend, but they were so perfect (from amazon too… notice a theme here?! lol) . My sun actualyl owned everything already. Idid have to change some colors on his shoes and vest in photoshop, but it was pretty easy.

On to my middle son Jenkins! This was by far the most challenging. Everything was more challenging in fact.

Yes, Jenkins chose green as “his color”. He was very small and always loved it.

I have an ongoing joke with all the kids. I always mention how I want someone to buy me a pony. Even now, one will say, “Mom, guess what?” My response is often, “YOU BOUGHT ME A PONY?!” They laugh and laugh. Jenkins, however, will find me little toy ponies around the house and bring them to me. My nightstand is full of toy ponies. Sweet boy!

Finding a pony was really tough. It took weeks. I finally stumbled upon and called Splendor Farms in Bush, LA, and they were PERFECT! They were so kind and accommodating. We showed up SUPER early in the morning because of impending weather. Beautiful, clear skies and sweet little Buckshot were there. He was the sweetest pony!

Jenkins was in heaven.

The natural setting was kind of throwing me off. All the other kids were in a more urban setting. The natural greens and light made the shoot different than the others. Editing was tough too… . The settings of the other sessions naturally flowed like images from the same series. The nature made this stand out. Making it fit in would be a challenge.

I actually had to edit and step away. I shared it with my friend, and after looking at it several hours later again, I knew how I could refine it, make it more whimsical, and more in tune with the rest of the series.

These outfits were by far the most pricey. My dress had a corseted back. Jenkins suit was way too small… . lol . BUT IT WORKED. These actually might be my favorite!

And last but not least, my little Dumplin’-ee-doo!

Ark Harrison has always LOVED yellow (well, I should say “lellow”). It was a no-brainer. He was SO EXCITED! He was more excited than any of them to wear his lellow clothes in a lellow place and take his lellow photo.

I have shot in this yellow alley before. It actually one of my favorite spots in Downtown Covington. The sun is perfect. The dreamy lighting is always on point.

I had to purchase his shoes and suspenders… together it was $16. Then I purchased the shirt, leggings and shoes (together around $40), From where? You guessed… AMAZON. lol

This is my husband’s favorite session. He loved it.


My husband pretty much always snaps any photo I’m in. I find the spot to and POV I was to shoot from, set my camera with all the settings, taught him how to focus, and he clicks the button. I run back and forth a lot, but it’s pretty easy now. I prefer a person behind the camera for some reason. In my mind, it helps you feel the photograph better. That being said, you should have seen us on our first shoot for my headshots! LOL . It was hilarious!

I so hope you enjoyed these as much as I did creating them. This is so special to my heart. I really am hoping that the kids enjoy it as much as I do. I hope it’s a sweet heirloom for their kids and grandkids.

WHICH IS YOUR FAVORITE!? I’d love to hear in the comments!

BONUS: Stay tuned for a special monochrome session with my husband! It’s in the planning phase now!

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