WORTHY WOMEN | Session VI | Lacey


This will be my ongoing work to honor and lift up other women.  All Women. Our bodies are amazing.  They can grow and birth children.  They can bear the weight of pain beyond measure.  They can kiss booboos and light up a room for their little ones with only a smile.  They can be up all night caring for another and rush out the door for work the next day.  They can put their dreams on the back burner to help others thrive. 

Women are are worthy.  They are worthy of love.  They are worthy of joy.  They are worthy to have a voice.  


Lacey and I met about a year ago. She had recently moved to the area with her husband and little boy. They were looking for a photographer, and there I was! I photographed her son’s first birthday session. I honestly don’t know what made her want to know me… I tend to put my foot in my mouth when I get anxious. I just ramble and ramble.

But one day, I got a message that went something like, “I think we should be friends.”

I don’t think I’ve ever had someone be so intentional before. It was refreshing and so out-of-the-blue. This led to a play date for our kiddos at a local park. It was hot. I was frantic trying to keep track of all four of my children. Lacey was pleasant and funny. Then, on the way back to our cars, we bonded.

Sometimes people bond over good things. Sometimes people bond out of sad things. Sometimes people bond over funny things. However, some people bond over nothing and everything all at once. I like to think of those as the jackpot. Ever had a friend you can sit down with, say little to nothing for an hour, and at the end feel like you know each other all the more and also just the same? Like you could not see each other for a few months and connect like you did where you dropped off?

That’s Lacey. There are similarities and there are difference, but we just click.

In the short time I’ve known her, here are the tremendous things I’ve learned about Lacey.

Lacey is legitimately one the best people I’ve ever met. I don’t say that lightly. She is strong and bold, but in a tactfully understated way. She is fiercely loyal. She will be there again and again to lift her friends and family up. She sacrifices so much for those she loves. Thankfully, I’ve seen her be surrounded by people that will do the same for her because we all know balance is so important. She cares deeply for those that experience injustice. She has an amazing sense of humor. It’s one of those that sneaks up on you when you least expect it. I enjoy a surprising quip when I’d expect it the least. She’s always growing. She always learning. She always creating. She is always loving.

She’s truly an inspiration.

It is really important to me that I have every Worthy session be very “true” to themselves. For you, dear friend, I wanted to photograph you that way that I see you. It is so easy to forget how tailor made our hearts are when there is so much flashing and bombarding our society all the time. So this, friend, is for you to truly see yourself through my eyes.


You are one the most inspiration people I’ve met. I’ve never met someone that is so resilient and so determined. You could be knocked down and jump up ready to conquer in seconds again and again. You’re ambition is accompanied with empathy. You feel everything everyone feels in the most beautiful way. You fight when they can’t fight. You carry when they are weary. You give when they have nothing. You do all of this with such dignity and such class. You’re amazing.

You want to know what I thought on our first friend outing? “Why in the world is someone that cool choosing to hang out with me?!” It’s so funny to think about, but it is most definitely true. You have more “cool” and “fun” in one finger than most do in their whole bodies. How does that even happen!?

Friend, I hope you know that you are loved. I hope you know that you are valued. I hope you know that there is no one out there that could fill your shoes. You are a devoted wife and mother. You care for animals big and small. You are kind and good to strangers. You are giving with your words to lift another up. You are honest and hard working. You will figure it out when something new comes along.

You are so mighty, dear Lacey.

And I’m so jealous of your comic book first/last name. lol

All my love,


Worthy WomenErika Pearce