Kristin's Birth Session

This was one of the most special births I've ever witnessed.  I met Kristin and Lindsey in an interesting way, for one.  I know someone that they are very close to, and she wanted to gift them a birth session.  Their friend, Allie, knew how important this little bundle of joy is to Kristin and Lindsey and she wanted to give them something that would always remind them of the birth of Luca.  I have never had someone gift an entire birth experience with me.  That, in and of itself, was remarkable.   However, that wouldn't be the only thing that left a lasting impression on my heart. 

Kristin, Lindsey and Allie met with me at 35 weeks vs 36 weeks for our introduction.  Even though I knew a lot about them, I had never met them.  It is important that I meet all my clients before the birth at 36 weeks.  Kristin's pregnancy wasn't going as perfectly as they would have liked.  The placenta was giving some serious issues, and they knew induction was being planned for 36 weeks. 

It felt like I had known them for years.  It was such a fun meeting.  We laughed and told jokes.  It was really such a pleasant experience.  

Then, the big day.  The latest scan had revealed that Luca wasn't growing anymore.  The fluid was very low.  Lots of indicators that this induction was vital.  However, I live an hour away from Ochsner Baptist in New Orleans.  I was worried if things didn't go well, I might miss the birth entirely.  I stayed most of the first day of induction.  Progress was slow.  I imagine that Kristin was pretty disappointed.  They turned off pitocin so she could rest that night (if memory serves) with plans to start again in the morning and try a foley catheter.  

I got the call she was now 4 cm around 7 AM.  An hour later she was 5cm.  This was it.  I drove to the hospital with a call in the parking garage that she was 7cm!  WOW!  The body is amazing.  

Now I am no doctor with no medical training at all, but I have been quite a few birth spaces.  The decels on the monitor didn't sound so good to me.  She was 10 cm and I don't think I've ever seen so many people in a room before.  There were more people in this room than when I was in a csection for triplets.  I assume with all the data from the scans prior and his decels they were preparing for the worst just in case.

Kristin was phenomenal.  Lindsey never left her side.  She pushed beautifully and Luca came earth=side quickly.  Miraculously, Luca was perfect.  He was tiny and mighty at 4lbs9oz, but beat going to NICU by a couple of ounces and a couple of blood sugar points.  He latched and nursed immediately.  Since his sugars were borderline, Kristin hand expressed colostrum to spoon feed Luca.  

The whole experience is one that I will always cherish.  There was so much joy and love in that delivery room.  So much that even Lindsey had a little nosebleed from excitement!  It was truly a beautiful day.  I walked in knowing it would be special since Allie had given such a beautiful gift, but she also gave me a gift too.  I was walking away with friendships that I never expected but am so happy to have.

Birth SessionErika Pearce