This has been such a long time in the making!

Believe it or not, quite of few of my clients add me to their baby registry. I’m not sure who came up with this concept, but it’s genius. Everyone is so wonderfully excited to shower love and blessings on your little love muffin on the way, and a baby registry can be such a huge help. Thankfully, things have gotten even more assessable for all involved in the gift giving process.

We seem to have reached a new place in our society that’s pretty exciting. While etiquette is alive and well (and I so love a good pinky out while sipping tea or the age old tradition of gentlemen standing up while a lady sits or leaves the dining table) there are some things that have gone “out of fashion” in some traditions. While I won’t go into the nitty gritty of all of those things, I will tell you the one that I’m so excited has left a transparency for new mamas that I think is so special.

Gift givers, more often than not, are now freely and kindly asking mothers what they want and need. It started with a baby registry, but it has become so much more relaxed that if someone has invited me to their wedding shower, I have no problem asking the sweet bride what she needs or wants from her registry. Maybe it isn’t even on the registry at all! From what I gathered in my traditional Southern Louisiana upbringing, this has been an unsaid rule. You don’t speak about what someone might want or what you might give because it could be considered rude to assume someone might want a gift. “You don’t ask the recipient of your gift what they want.” Traditionally, you simply give a gift you’d like to give.

And trust me. I’m not shaming those that give simply what brings them joy and look forward to seeing the surprised look of happiness on the recipient’s face. I have loved every tea towel, heirloom dish, handmade blankets that I received at my wedding shower that I didn’t “ask for”. I treasure them. I’m simply meaning that I so enjoy the freedom to know that I can get to a real and intimate level and ask someone that I’m about to give a gift to if there is something that I can give that would serve their needs/wants better.

Here is how this comes into play with Erika Pearce Photography.

I have now made this as simple as I can. You can come to my site, click the GIFT tab, click the LINK, and BOOM! You’re able to purchase an amount to put towards one of your dear ones/my sweet client and give toward documenting their birth story!

Assessable. Kind. Easy.

This will mean more than you will ever know. I just want to let you know that. I know you will be thanked, but trust me. Once they have this memory of a little soul being born into this world that they can relive again and again AND pass this on through multiple generations, you will be thanked probably more than you will hear the words. Every time they see their story, they will have a heart brimming with gratitude because you helped make this heirloom come into fruition for them.

That is something that will always be in their hearts.

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