Marissa's Birth Session

Marissas Birth Session.jpg

Marissa’s birth was incredible to be a part of. I knew when she reached out her babies came quickly. I also knew her birth would be in her home in Mandeville. Knowing that she would be at home and that she has quick babies, I told her to let me know as soon as she believed baby was coming.

Mama’s usually have labor during the night while their bodies are completely at rest. Marissa’s birth followed the trend, but she did not want to have her baby at night. That had been a fear from the beginning. Well, through her whole birth story, she labored strong and hard throughout the night. Just as the sun came up, baby Dean was born. It is truly incredible how our bodies and minds are so connected.

As it turned out, baby #3 was the longest labor she has had by many hours. She is actually super grateful because she was able to savor the process in a new and special way.

Birth SessionErika Pearce