Marissa's Maternity Session

Oh, Marissa!

You are so GORGEOUS! Growing a baby looks absolutely stunning on you. You are confident and bold. You are strong and generous. Motherhood looks beautiful on you and so does pregnancy.

We shot in Fountainbleu State Park in Mandeville, Louisiana. Fountaintbleu is a staple in Southern Louisiana. The beautiful oak trees dripping moss is usually what brings most people this way, but the little gem of a beach on Lake Ponchartrain is certainly something not to miss.

Marissa wanted to showcase her tummy. That was a genius decision on her part. Her baby belly is stunning. The dress the look… it just worked. The beach was really the perfect place to make it come together.

A few things about this day. It was almost night by the time we got there and settled. It wasn’t due to scheduling but the crazy dark storm that was on the way. My goal for clients it to help them remember the feelings of their moments. I don’t want the weather to cast a “cloud” over how the moments they are documenting. This resulted in a bit of magic made on my end, but I really translated beautifully. I actually love to shoot in overcast skies because they create a dreamy lighting. HOWEVER, it was so cloudy, that it really did look all but night. In the end, that doesn’t matter. What really matters is that the end product perfectly preserves this beautiful and capable strong mama that invokes all the warm fuzzies she felt and will now always be able to remember vividly with the images.