My Heart About Birth Photography

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Look, I get it.  I REALLY do.  I know our area is not the most natural minded birth area.   That usually lends us to think of birth as looking "gross" or being vulnerable on a whole new level.  And sure, it can be those things to some.  So I really do get it.  

And Birth Photography?  Why on earth would someone want those moments of themselves when they feel their weakest and most undesirable be photographed?  Why would someone invite another person that  1.) is not even family when most don't even want family to be in the birth space  2.)  will see you struggle and at your most vulnerable  3.) when they are lurking and carrying such heavy equipment which turns it into the least "natural" thing someone can do.

So yes, I get it.  If this is you, I was actually right there with you.  Sure, we used our cell phones and before we ever had smart phones... our family camera that seemed to weighed 20 lbs... And I love those images no matter how we captured them.  I laughed to myself when someone mentioned birth photography to me so many years ago.   It seemed just un-needed to me.  

But then we miscarriedWe lost our third child.  That loss really changed me from the inside out.  I wouldn't wish it on anyone.  The heartache of the daydreams I had to lay to rest of changing diapers and cleaning spit up and high fevers and imaginary bobos that needed kisses...  That changed me.  Deeply.  I still ache for the child I wasn't able to hold on earth.  I leaned on God in a way I never even knew to until that happened.    

Here is what Loss taught me

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Life is so precious and fleeting.  Birth is not glamorous and full of red carpet moments.  It most definitely is a blip on the radar as far as length of time goes.  But those moments are some of the most precious my heart can treasure.  Those moments of welcoming a miracle... a complete MIRACLE... into the world are pure and utter blessings.  Glorious blessings.  

The pain a mother has from bringing her child into this world can be gritty and raw and unpleasant to see for some.  BUT THEY CARRY SO MUCH JOY!  The way a mother works tirelessly to bring this blessing into the world should be captured and relived again and again.  That legacy should be preserved.  That is true love.  

We spend so much money creating a picturesque wedding day.  I think it is well deserved and so special and important.  While we might not look as picture-perfect at our births, what we capture is just as special and beautiful:  

  • Partners encouraging and supporting even when we feel we can't go on

  • Strength beyond what our bodies can handle

  • Whether cesarean, natural, medicated, or planned... a mother willing to put her focus and desires into welcoming a little life with endless possibilities into this world.

  • Silly moments of inside jokes and little mishaps that help bring joy to your heart when you need it most

  • Mundane objects like lip balm or essential oils or slippers or little candies that seem so simple but bring so much comfort in the thick of the hardest parts

  • Family that visits with the brightest happiness at the dawning of new life

  • A Woman at the end of herself that pushes past all doubt to do what is best for her and her child

So what do I want for my clients and ALL women on the Northshore of Deep South Louisiana? 

My heart is for every woman to believe her birth story is worthy to be captured. 

I want women to come to a place, even if they think birth is not beautiful, where Birth Photography is the new normal that they long to have when they find out they're pregnant.  I truly want this.  These moments need to be captured and preserved.  

There is no right or wrong way to document your birth story.  That is up to you and you alone.  These sacred moments don't have to be graphic.  They can be delicate and modest.  They can be silly and sweet or gritty and full of passion. I don't color your story to be anything but what you want.  Why?  Because it is beautiful and glorious no matter the circumstances.  Your body is an incredible miracle capable of growing an amazing blessing.  I know so many that regret not having their birth stories documented, but I don't know a single one that regret having their stories captured.