Wild Clementine is Here

So what is Wild Clementine? How did it come to be? How does it fit into Erika Pearce Photography?

Wild Clementine was something I had dreamed about for a couple of years. I loved the idea of boudoir photography, but I wanted the story told in a unique way… my own way. There is definitely a place for seductive photos like traditional boudoir. They can be so incredibly beautiful. However, I wanted to bring something a little different to the table.

I love empowering women to be who they are created to be. Our bodies are able to birth a child, produce food for a baby, nurture a household, work without ceasing, love our spouses, feel strong, want to climb mountains and soar, and be beautiful pieces of art. While some photography shows a sexual side, I wanted to show and empowering, alluring side. While both are beautiful, I wanted to share pieces of a woman’s heart that are not necessarily her body. While sometimes her body does play into that story other times it doesn’t, and I love telling that story from my point of view behind the camera.

I could not figure out how to share this concept. It isn’t traditional “boudoir” by any means. It isn’t a normal session either. I was stumped. I knew I wanted to uplift women and while I waited for the true concept to flesh out, the Worthy Series was born. After completing several of these Worthy sessions, I stumbled into what I had been wanting to do. I wanted to create intimate art. That can be different to different people. That can be wearing a gown or not much of anything, but it is the woman’s decision, and I bring it all to life.

So how does it play into Erika Pearce Photography? Well, on the surface it might not look like it does. Different looks. Different focus, but they are deeply connected. What I love about Maternity, Birth and Lifestyle Newborn sessions are seeing a woman in her element fulfilling what her body, mind and heart are made to do. So see, there isn’t much difference. These sessions are about sharing what makes women beautiful. The sessions are classic, elegant, lush and playful. I adore them.

I am able to style them in the fashion sense and work closely with Tribe Organic Beauty Bar to help each woman have a well rounded and exquisite experience from start to finish (including hair and makeup by Tribe) . I have an assistant to help with the flow and wardrobe changes. It’s truly an experience like none other. I would love for you to follow me along the journey. If you’re interested in booking a session, please let me know! I’d love to talk to you.