Retiring Lifestyle Newborn Sessions

Hi, sweet clients, friends and readers!

This is a blog post to follow up with my social media announcement that I will no longer be accepting Lifestyle Newborn clients as of January 2020. This was not a decision I made lightly. With my busy birth schedule, it has been a juggling act to balance three time sensitive specialties: Maternity, Birth and Lifestyle Newborn sessions. Maternity must be shot within a more flexible time (within 32-36 weeks). Birth I am on call for at the drop of a hat. Lifestyle Newborn sessions I try to schedule within days 8-10. With having these three specialties often overlapping, I believe now is the time to let one go.

I am happy and over the moon to recommend my dear friend Fairy Dust Photography here in Covington. While she does focus on studio newborn portraiture, I promise it will fit you perfectly. She has a tender touch and a warm heart. There is no one I could recommend more. She is a perfect person to send my precious clients to as she is willing to serve you to the fullest. I can not sing her praises enough.

I do know that I have such a close relationship with my current birth clients. Please know, that because of this bond, I will make an exception for current clients in the future. I understand the familial bond that we share and how you have grown accustomed to how I photograph your family. For that reason, I am happy to extend Lifestyle Sessions to those clients that have been with me for so long.

Thank you so much for letting me into your hearts and homes for Lifestyle Newborn Sessions for so many years. I have loved it tremendously. I can’t wait to keep documenting all the precious Birth stories on the way!



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