Worthy Women | Session II | Hailey

This will be my ongoing work to honor and lift up other women.  All Women. Our bodies are amazing.  They can grow and birth children.  They can bear the weight of pain beyond measure.  They can kiss booboos and light up a room for their little ones with only a smile.  They can be up all night caring for another and rush out the door for work the next day.  They can put their dreams on the back burner to help others thrive. 

Women are are worthy.  They are worthy of love.  They are worthy of joy.  They are worthy to have a voice.  

Meet Hailey...

Hailey is one of those rare gems that you know before you ever meet her.  Her reputation is powerful yet humble.   Before I ever met her face to face, her legacy of serving others and joy had made an impression on me.  I can only imagine that is all too common.  You see, Hailey's presence is now national... maybe even global.  That is the sort of thing most of us strive for our entire lives, but with Hailey, it is very different.  She doesn't strive for accolades and pats on the back.  Don't get me wrong, those things are so very important for all of us, but she strives to see others flourish.  She longs to share joy.  She prayerfully longs to connect and genuinely invest in others.  Through that passion, she has impacted more people than you know... Probably even you, without you realizing.  

I asked Hailey to give a rough outline of some things for me.  I wanted to understand things on a deeper level.  This is only a fraction of what she shared with me:

Hailey is a doula.  She has attended and graduated midwifery school.  As soon as she could jump into the Birth world, she powered through head on.  I've seen her in action.  She is an amazing birth coach.  She has healing hands and a gentle spirit.  She is completely in tune with her clients.  This most likely is from her roots in a family surrounded by a beautiful birth culture and home birth.

Through this beautiful doula work, she started expanding her comfort measure practices with her clients which led to essential oils.  She started showing and sharing how to use the oils with her pregnant clients and well into postpartum.  5 years ago or so, she taught her first class about Young Living Essential Oils.  This is where things are starting ringing a bell for you.  

If you live in South Louisiana, you have heard about essential oils.  I know you have.  Want to know a giant reason for that?  This lady right here.  She now is in the highest ranking level in Young Living Essential Oils.  Seriously... how many people in direct sales do you personally know that have made it to the tippy top of the mountain?  I can honestly say I haven't until I met Hailey.  She is living what people have talked about for years.  "Live your passion, share your love for it, and growth will happen."  AND SHE DID IT!  She recently hit the highest level in her company, and I think that is truly amazing.  

...But guys...

As amazing as those accolades are, and I truly mean that they are, this is not what gives Hailey her worth.  She was worthy far before she ever sold the first bottle of oil/kit or was hired to doula for the very first time.  You know how I know?   I've seen the way her eyes light up for family.  I've seen her beaming with love for her husband Jeremy.  I've seen her help mamas bring babies into this beautiful world and truly rejoicing while she has patiently waited to experience that same joy herself.  I've heard the eagerness in her voice when she announced they were on the road to adoption.  I've seen her serve others with grace, mercy and humility.  Her strength and dignity are truly beautiful.  She is worthy in so many ways, and her love for Christ shines through all she does.  That is what truly makes Hailey so wonderfully special and where her worth dwells.  Deep inside her soul... just the raw and real Hailey... that makes her worthy... Just like it does for each of us.


You are a woman after God's heart.  You are genuine in the most incredible way.  You are loved by so many, and I know you return that love deeply and passionately.  You have reached thousands and thousands of people, and I'm sure every single one of those people could recall ways you've shared your heart with them & lifted their spirits.  You are caring and kind.  You are selfless.  You enjoy life to the fullest!  You and your husband truly love to enjoy each other and do so while exploring this beautiful earth the Lord has given us.  You are humble.  You are intentional with your connections and actions.  You invest into other and pour into the ones you love.  I am blessed even with spending a short time with you for our session together.  I know so many other feel the same.  

To see your heart and eyes light up knowing you were going to be speaking to someone that could potentially make your adoption journey complete was a delight the day of our session.  I so hope that phone call was full of hope and joy.  I will be praying that a sweet little one is in your arms soon to love and cherish always.  

I hope you always remember that you are loved by many, encouraged by an army of friends & family, and are valuable beyond words to your sweet husband.  You are worthy of so much, Hailey.  It is a joy and honor to see you LOVING and LIVING to the fullest.

With deepest love,


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