WORTHY WOMEN | Session IV | Tiffany

This will be my ongoing work to honor and lift up other women.  All Women. Our bodies are amazing.  They can grow and birth children.  They can bear the weight of pain beyond measure.  They can kiss booboos and light up a room for their little ones with only a smile.  They can be up all night caring for another and rush out the door for work the next day.  They can put their dreams on the back burner to help others thrive. 

Women are are worthy.  They are worthy of love.  They are worthy of joy.  They are worthy to have a voice.  

Meet Tiffany

Where do I even begin with Tiffany?  She is a few obvious things... If you live on the Northshore of Lake Ponchatrain... or heck... the Southshore for that matter, you probably have heard of Tiffany or know someone that follows this amazing woman.  She is an amazing fashion blogger (you can find her blog HERE).  She can hustle and bustle while sparkling like none other.  She is active in her community, church, promoting local businesses, working the Junior League, etc etc etc.  The woman thrives with giving of herself and her many talents.  

... But that really is just the tippy top of the sundae with Tiffany ...  

What I truly adore about Tiffany is her remarkable ability to love without ceasing.  Tiffany can so freely and easily pour out love on others.  She has three boys that she loves with such zeal.  It's completely inspiring to see.  Two of those sweet boys were part of her home while she fostered them through tough times... She and her husband beautifully grew their family by adopting those sweet boys.  Then, she fell pregnant and it all wove together this beautiful story.  To see her love each child so fully and completely is a blessing.  To see her love and work with her husband in the day to day is nothing short of amazing.  

What else do I admire about Tiffany?  

Her ability to dance in the rain...  She literally did this at our session, but readers, Tiffany does this in life.  She dances in the rain.  No, trials and worries and heavy hearts are not fun.  Tiffany is along for the ride no matter how bumpy all the while pouring into others and find beauty amongst the ashes.  She finds the lowly and lifts them up.  She gives gratitude to those have shown her kindness and finds joy amongst the tears.  She LIVES.  She lives fully and wonderfully and somehow manages to light up others along the way.  

That, friends, is true beauty.  


The moment I met you I knew we were kindred spirits; two people so different in some ways but remarkably similar in many other ways.  What is even more noteworthy about that, is I'm pretty sure most everyone that meets you can say the same.  You resonate deeply with so many.  So many are inspired by you...  and not just for fashion and blogging and your view on the world, but because your heart SHINES.  

You enter a room and bring light and joy.  I've seen it with my own eyes.  It even translates to  emails and social media and blogs and texts.  That is a rare find.  Getting lost in translation is so easy to do in our society, but you translate crystal clear and with humor, dignity, and sincerity.  

I hope you know you are loved by many.  I hope you know that the pouring out of yourself into others is never wasted.  The tribe of friends and family that surround you surely know how grateful and honored you are by their relationships and encouragement.  I know that because you do the same for them.  I've seen you selflessly give your testimony of your faith and heart for adoption.  I've seen you connect deeply with others first hand when their hearts feel troubled.  

Your blog...  Tiffany, your blog and your words bring so much fun to people's lives.  I hope you know that those witty anecdotes and quips you share are going further than you'll even imagine.  You are doing such good, friend.  Well done.  

With deepest adoration,