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Welcome to the world, Boyd Cooper!   Your momma let me know her water broke early that morning at  8 AM February 23rd.  Around 1 PM that day, she let me know to head to the hospital.  Things were moving consistently towards you arriving that very day at Lakeview Regional Medical Center.  We all had opinions of when you might show.  I kept thinking it would be right after midnight.  Your mom and dad guessed around 9 or 10 PM.  Mom and dad were right.  You were born at 10:40 that night!  You had a precious cry.  Your momma is so STRONG.  Labor and birth are miraculous and can really push one passed exhaustion and pain limits.  Your mother worked so hard.  She pushed beautifully and fiercely.  

Thank you so much for letting me see you take your first breaths and watch your parents fall more in love with you each passing second.  They think you are more precious than anything on this earth.  They are so right.  You are loved beyond measure, sweet little one.  May the Lord bless you with love and joy and His mercies all your days.  

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