The Storybook Collection| Covington LA Mandeville LA Northshore Photography New Orleans- Session 1,Rapunzel

"Rapunzel was the most beautiful child under the sun.  When she was twelve years old, the witch shut her up in a tower which stood in a wood.  It had neither staircase nor doors, but only a little window quite high up in the wall." - The Brothers Grimm

No longer held captive.  No longer obeying someone else's plans.  Fulfilling dreams in the most nurturing, freeing way possible.  Giving all she has to a child that will never know the heartache of being locked away from sunshine and nature.  Always relishing in the freedom and fresh air.  Sustaining her child in any way she can, until that daughter decides that she's ready to spread her wings and fly.  

Session 1 of The Storybook Collection couldn't have been more perfect.  When I think of an adult Rapunzel, I think of a strong, fierce and tender woman.  I see her wanting to give her all to her children in the most artistic and practical ways that she can.  She wants to see her children thrive. She wants to never feel held down by her hair or another person ever again.  While her hair holds some of her identity, it will never become idolized by anyone or anything ever again.  It will never be a way she will survive in a tower again.  It is no longer her connection to the outside world.  It is now kept long enough to feel comfortable, yet short enough to not control her.  She is strong.  She is fiercely loyal.  She loves passionately and beautifully.  


Models: Maggie Schneider and her precious nursling