Gabrielle's Birth Session

Gabrielle’s birth was really amazing for several different reasons. She labored long and hard for so long, but of all the things about births, the biggest thing you can be prepared for is knowing that sometimes you have to put you give some wiggle room with plans when things start heading south. Gabrielle did that so well.

Her birth was at Woman’s Hospital in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I had been there many times before, but I had not been in an operating room there. This was the first cesarean I had captured at this hospital. Hospital policy is different in each and every hospital. Each one can be a little or a lot different. I was so grateful at how helpful everyone was at Woman’s Hospital.

The hospital let her husband, mother and myself into the operating room with Gabrielle. They didn’t have a curtain so Gabrielle could see when her beautiful son was born. They even encouraged me to film the birth. This is the first time ever I was encouraged to record a cesarean. In fact, this was the first time I was encouraged to film a birth at all outside of a home birth.

The whole procedure was wonderful. It was a beautiful way to be reminded that even though things may not go as we would wish, there is still plenty of ways a care provider and a birthing facility can do small things to make a mother feel safe, secure, and important in every step that is made in her birth journey.

Baby Ezra is here. He’s healthy. He is adored and loved. Gabrielle did so well. Her husband and family are so supportive and admire her so much. As for Ezra, he is one blessed little man to have such an amazing family.