Natalie's Birth Session

How do I even begin with Natalie’s Birth? It sounds so cliche to say, but I do genuinely adore every birth client. I just love them all so much. Every single one is in my heart. I can’t explain it. Seeing a little life brought into the world engages hearts and binds people together in such a special way. Natalie’s birth was special, though.

Natalie’s labor was 60 hours. 60 HOURS. Let that sink in. For those 60 hours, her contractions were consistently 2-4 minutes apart and painful. Days of labor that didn’t let up. This was her VBA2C journey, and she pushed forward bravely and determined. Her husband, Neal, was so entirely present and supportive. Her amazing doula, Amanda with Nola Nesting, was such an empowering presence. The whole experience was spiritual and a deeply connecting event.

Natalie is a fellow artist photographer, and I was so honored to be chosen to be there. When we met for her 36 week meeting we connected immediately. I knew from that meeting, that I would want to be there as soon as she called. Some mamas need space. Others soar with company. Natalie was the latter. She needed her doula and photographer there. It is just the way her heart is built, and I’m so glad that it is.

I NEVER mind being there whenever my clients want me. It is a joy. I love seeing as much or as little of their stories as I’m able to see. I was with Natalie for approximately 48 hours, I believe. There were breaks, but it was pretty consistent. I wouldn’t change it at all. It was perfect.

Baby Theodore was worth the wait. He is beautiful and amazing. He did a PERFECT breast crawl to nurse from his mama which you can see below. He is a blessed little boy that is loved by so many and such a blessing to so many hearts… even to mine.

If you are unsure of what the term “breast crawl” means, it is a phrase that means baby initiates breastfeeding by crawling to the mother’s breast. It’s amazing how our bodies, even very young ones, can accomplish such amazing things.