How to Afford a Birth Photographer

how to afford a birth photographer

I get it. I really do.

I’ve seen these blogs roaming around on different social media platforms, so I thought I’d do my own take with my own words for you.

Birth Photography is a luxury. It is a valuable luxury, but it is still not a necessary service to make sure you survive. Instead, it is there for your own heart and legacy which is so very important. At the end of the day, however, it is simply a service that is an “extra”.

I won’t go into every reason I believe a Birth Photographer is a priceless investment, (you can find some extra whys and hows I blogged about before HERE), but I will tell you this. I had a Birth Photographer for my fourth child; only for my fourth child. Do I have any regrets about it? I absolutely do. My one and ONLY regret is that I didn’t have someone to document my other three births for me. If my house is on fire, the first non-living thing I’m grabbing is my Birth Album. That is 100% true. Here is why:

  1. I can relive those moments over and over every time I open my birth album. There are no moments more precious than the births of my children.

  2. It was a pricey, worthy investment. The album itself is an heirloom. We saved and worked to make sure we could have something so precious. It is priceless to my husband and I both.

  3. It is simply this; my dearest earthly treasure. I can’t get those moments back, and I want to pass them down to my children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren, etc.

I give my clients priceless heirlooms to pass down. My albums and videos are meant to show your family a growing legacy. My highest priority is your comfort, ease, and the preservation of your memories. I offer a custom, one-of-a-kind experience and I’m there for you without fail. I even have in place a back up plan…. two of them… if for some reason I’m not able to make it for health reasons or unforeseen circumstances.

I know that those are mushy gushy reasons for a very loud reality; this is a serious investment for your family. This is money you work and save and collect for. This is something you really, REALLY want and you are working to find a way to make it happen. Money matters. I know it does. It did for me when we hired our Birth Photographer and Doula. It should and does matter to you. That’s why I wanted to share my heart and some hows to make this desire a reality for you.

how to afford a birth photographer covington la

A Payment Plan

Did you know that every photographer I know offers a payment plan? Seriously. Every one that I know offers a way to pay in installments. I’ve done it for myself even. Where there is a will, there is a way. Ask. I am HAPPY to extend a payment plan. A little bit here and a little bit there can do so much for you.

Do you know why I, and fellow colleagues, offer this? It’s because we want you to purchase what you want and not to have it cripple your family financially. Yes, photographers price themselves differently based on what their business costs are and how to earn a living, but we WANT you to have exactly what your heart wants. Most of us are willing to make it happen for you however we can and that includes payment plans.

A Baby Registry

So this one can seem kind of different, I’m sure. It’s like asking for gifts… who really wants to do that? But just think… if you can make a baby registry at Target and include bottles and diapers and a crib and stroller and GIFT CARDS, why can’t you have a gift purchase with your Birth Photographer? I’m always happy to sell studio gift credits. It’s doesn’t have to be a giant sum. If someone wants to purchase $50 to go towards your Birth session, I’m happy to do that! Or let’s say you’re going to try to make it work with covering the Birth Photography yourself but REALLY want maternity photos as well. Can’t do both because it’s pricey… Add gift cards to our business on your gift registry! Maternity session are only $500 when you book a birth. Just a few of those gift cards and POOF! You got it!

Save Save Save!

Now this is a tougher one. If everything was this easy, then I’d own a mansion and travel to Europe regularly. I know it seems almost condescending but if you put pencil to paper and find ways to save, try it out. Cut out that Starbucks run every day and you could save around $140 a month! WOW! That would be such a HUGE help. That “little bit here and there” would definitely work in this situation. Find little ways to start saving on those smaller luxuries to pay off towards a bigger luxury like Birth Photography. A short season of time to go without so you can have something priceless later. You’re only pregnant for 9 months. That time flies by and so will saving in small ways to make your hiring a Birth Photographer goal a reality.


Inspiration for this article found at Austin Birth Photos.